With Schluss, you - and only you - decide who gets which information about you on the Internet

Help us to change the Internet.
To give the power back to the user.
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We are on our way to change the Internet forever

Basta. Stop. Schluss. The time has come for a new Internet. For an Internet in which you decide which information you share. Who with and for how long. You’re the boss!
Because we believe that people want to share. So too on the Web. But also that digital property, such as photos, contact, health and medical information are your own. And should stay that way
A new kind of Internet. Together we can achieve it.

Digital safehouse
Bob Hageman - Creative Technical Officer, Schluss

‘Schluss belongs to all of us and everyone can help develop it’

Bob Hageman
Creative Technical Officer


Schluss: the safe alternative

Schluss is an app to safely share personal data. Schluss has a digital safe house for everyone. A secure place on the Internet where you can store all your personal information. Text, images, videos.

You, and only you, have the key. This means that Schluss can never look inside your safe house. You decide who you share information with. With people, companies and organizations. You maintain a grip at all times, precisely with whom you share which information.

Marie-José Hoefmans - Chief Essential Officer, Schluss

‘Schluss has everything in it to become a new global standard’

Marie-José Hoefmans
Chief Essential Officer


Because enough is enough

We lost our freedom on the Internet. Without knowing it we gave away control. With free apps and websites. And now we realise the real price we paid.

Possibly with our most valuable asset. Our identity. Our personal data, with which we gave away knowledge of who we are. Knowledge is might. Might over people.

The power to direct, to control and to influence. Our freedom to experience or to explore other people’s opinions and ideas depends on our level of privacy.

Lost control

‘Free’ does not exist

You and your identity

But ‘Almost-free’ does

3 euros, dollars or pounds a year. For that amount you can take back control of your own information. You, and only you, decide who is allowed to know what about you. And you can always update that information, expand, diminish or delete it entirely.

A movement

The more people...

The more people share their personal information through Schluss the more companies and organizations will feel the pressure to start doing things differently. Are you ready to take back control? Do you believe in Schluss? Sign up and start taking back control of your own personal data, together with us.

Undo share

A start has been made

The Schluss basics

Simply put: Schluss works. Now all we need is data. In the overview you can see which information you share and with whom. You can modify your information or delete it. Sign up and connect with your friends, acquaintances and others. And don’t forget: another way you can help us is by letting us know what you think of our prototype.

# Register a new user
^1000 var name = 'Jane';^1000
var email = '';^1000
var password = 'ThisIsMyPass!';^1000

# Create keys and encrypt the users details
var user_key = pbkdf2(password + schluss_key, random_salt);^1000
# result: asd8vdsdflijsf9u40a9sfh32...
var user_id = pbkdf2(password, email);^1000
# result: sm8s4hs7s7a89a5s5fa0cyn...
var user_encrypted = aes256_encrypt( { name , email }, user_key);^1000

# Save user in database
user_context->insert(user_id, user_encrypted);

Schluss’ plans

1. Schluss is going Open Source.

Because we have no secrets. Together we are going to change the Internet. And that includes the Techies. So we can make Schluss even better - and safer.

2. Logging in with companies and organizations

Eventually, you will be able to log onto the websites of companies and organisations. So they can’t do anything with your data. Without your permission.

3. Forwarding data is technically impossible

You cannot forward music or films online. And this is the way it should also be for your personal data. We are working on a DRM, so this too can be one of our guarantees.

Help us give the Internet back to the user – to you.

Join us!