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These are the Terms and Conditions of Schluss Holding B.V. (Hereinafter "Schluss", "we", "us"). With this policy, we want to give you clarity about Schluss principle, the way we deal with your data.


We promise:

  1. We do everything in our power to make every effort to keep your data safe.
  2. That you control who has access to your data in your Schluss safe house and for how long.
  3. We will give you insight on who views your information.
  4. That you can withdraw access by somebody to your account.
  5. That you can keep your data in real-time up-to-date with anyone who has access to that data.
  6. That we will take all possible technical measures not to be able to see your data. And that we will not sell or otherwise misuse your personal data.
  7. That we will help you to deal with data sharing the best possible way.
  8. That our services will not be free. And therefore, we will not have to sell your data.
  9. That we do business in a transparent manner, that we have no secrets. Because we believe that your information belongs only to one person and that is you.
  10. Because we believe that you want to share your data. But you want to know with whom. And that someone else can’t just simply decide for himself how to use your data without asking you.
  11. Because we believe that there must be an end to the trade in what is perhaps the most valuable for people: one's identity.
  12. We do our utmost to ensure your online privacy. If people or parties will abuse your data on our platform in any way, we may take legal actions.

Data that you, and you alone, can store at Schluss

You can store all your personal data in an encrypted database (safe house), which is accessible only to you. In order to do that, you must first register and login at Schluss. We have no access to your encrypted safe house.

Privacy policy

When you use Schluss, you may be required to provide some information. You keep control over that information.

Below is a list of the events when we ask for your personal information and the reasons behind that.

Event What data Why & What control do you have
Registration First name, last name , email address, password For sending the email for activation and password. After that the encrypted data will be stored and cannot be seen by us.
Registration First name, last name, email address Only if you give permission, then Schluss will store this information internally to keep in touch with you. Without your permission this storage is not possible. This data will not be passed to third parties. You can decide at any time to withdraw that permission again.
Login Email address, password To identify and to give you access to your personal information. This data is used only at that time and cannot be viewed by Schluss.
Feedback Name, Email Address, Feedback, Message We store the data, take action and respond back. This data will not be passed to third parties.
Financial transactions Not yet known To be determined, but we will act in accordance with Schluss principles to process your data as anonymous as possible.

Disclosure to third parties

Schluss cannot share your personal information with third parties from your encrypted database (safe house).
The name and e-mail address which you have decided to share with us will not be provided to third parties without your express consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so. In that case, we will make every effort to provide our users with timely information so they can cancel sharing this data with Schluss (temporary).

Right of access, correction and objection

Only you can access your data in your encrypted database (safe house) where you can view your data, edit, download and delete. Because Schluss does not know which encrypted database (safe house) belongs to you, we cannot customize or delete anything from your safe house. You can cancel your membership at Schluss by which your encrypted database (safe house) will be lifted. Thus the data will be removed from the servers of Schluss. By this cancellation you will also loose connections with other Schluss users and, thus, the access that they have given to their data.

On the Schluss website

We analyze our site’s performance at limited level. This is limited to the country level. We track the referring URL, your current visit, the operating system and its version, the browser and its version. This way the individual person or group of individuals cannot be traced. This way we can ensure that Schluss provides the optimal level of services on your device.

We use Piwik analytics to ensure that the data collected is anonymous and will not be disclosed to third parties, as is the case with Google Analytics.

Cookies Policy

Cookies Tracking: for the only purpose to make your experience with Schluss easier

We use cookies only to facilitate the Schluss usage for you. Cookies are used in the following events:

Event Which data What do you control
Not logged in Language Preference, Piwik visit No inspection required because the data can never be traced back to an individual
Logged in Access Key for Schluss

Do you want to limit or not to be tracked by cookies technology? Use the privacy settings page of Schluss to specify exactly which cookies should / should not be used on our website.

Third Party Websites

This privacy statement does not apply to third party websites connected or linked to our website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties are reliable and deal with your personal data the safe way. We therefore advise you to read the privacy statements of these websites before you make use of these sites.

New developments

As a result of new developments Schluss may make adjustments to this policy. We will keep you informed accordingly. For that we need to have at least your email address. Otherwise we advise you to check regularly our website for any changes in this statement.


If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, you can direct it to the following address:

Schluss Holding B.V.
Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam
Tel: +316 126 400 19

Responsible Disclosure, or how we intend to handle reports of vulnerabilities.

We work hard to maintain and improve our systems and processes so that our customers can use Schluss safely online at all times. However, should you find a weakness in one of our systems, we would appreciate your help.
If you discover a problem in one of our systems, please let us know as soon as possible. We will immediately take appropriate actions. Schluss will act in accordance with the following rules. You agree to comply with these rules as well.

We encourage the open source community to join us to develop this platform even further. Mail or call us.

How to report a weakness

  1. Mail your findings to If possible encrypt the message and send it over a secure connection to prevent the information falling into the wrong hands.
  2. Provide sufficient information for clear understanding of the problem so we can fix it as soon as possible. Usually the IP address or URL of the affected system and a description of the problem is enough, but with more complex vulnerabilities more information may be required.
  3. Provide you contact detail (e-mail address or telephone number) so we can get in touch with you to work together on resolving the issue.
  4. Inform us as soon as possible after discovering the problem.

What we do after your report:

  1. We treat your report confidential and do not share your personal information with third parties without your permission, unless we are obliged to do so by law or court order.
  2. In principle, you remain anonymous. But if you wish, we can put your name as the discoverer of the reported weaknesses. We do that after mutual consultation.
  3. We will respond within 3 business days of notification with an initial assessment, and, possibly, with an expected date for a solution.
  4. We will solve reported weakness as soon as possible. We try as much as possible to keep abreast of progress and normally will solve this within 90 days.
  5. By our mutual consent we determine if and how we will publish the weakness after this has been dissolved.
  6. You might receive a reward. The reword depends on the quality and the amount of potential damages prevented as a result of your report.
  7. If you meet all conditions, we will not submit legal proceedings against you.

What is not permitted:

  1. Placing malware.
  2. To use brute force techniques, such as repeatedly entering passwords to gain access to systems.
  3. The use of social engineering.
  4. To make information public about security weaknesses before this issue is solved.
  5. Carrying out actions that go beyond what is strictly necessary to demonstrate and report security issues, especially when it comes to processing (including accessing or copying) of confidential data which you have had access through the vulnerability.
  6. To alter or delete any information in the system. If you need to copy information for your investigation, never copy more than you need. If one record is sufficient, do not go any further.
  7. The use of techniques that makes our system unavailable or inaccessible (DoS attacks).
  8. To use any other techniques to abuse our system.

Any abuse of our systems in any way will be punished.