What is the advantage?

We want to offer you a secure alternative. An app for you to share your personal information safely. Text, images and videos, with people, companies and organizations. And we give you an overview for you to track exactly what you have shared, and with whom. But also the possibility to expand that information, shrink it or delete it all together. Whether it is to guard it from that one certain person or an entire organization.

Only you

We want for no-one to go around unchecked with your data anymore. To sell or give away personal information about you without your permission. You, back in control of your personal data. Where you, and you alone, decide who knows what about you.

A movement

When an increasing number of people share their personal data through Schluss, and you can log onto a growing number of websites using Schluss, all those other organizations will feel pressured to also start doing things differently.

In that sense, Schluss can be called ‘a movement’, one that aims for a different kind of Internet and helps to develop initiatives for new kinds of social media and apps. With a new kind of business model. You just subscribe to Schluss, so no-one will hijack your data again.