Why do they want to know everything about you?

Companies and organizations want to know everything about you. Who you are. What you do. What you like. How you live. How much you earn. What you spend your money on. Who your friends are. What worries or troubles you. They want to follow you everywhere. Track every move you make. Your quirks; that which differentiates you from others. With only one goal in mind: to segment you, box you in and make you predictable for them.

It sounds pretty neat. This way you get offers for things you are probably already interested in. Right? The draw side is that exploring the Internet unseen, discover unexpected things, be secretive even or be able to surprise some one, is no longer possible.


Companies know about your pregnancy even before your loved ones do. Or that you might have a problem. Are you not feeling very well? Are you ill? Or possibly not have long to live? It takes no time for companies and organizations to know everything about you. Everything is public.


It isn’t our intention to scare you. We are not against progress. We believe in the Internet. We love all those useful and fun apps and programs. We just want to warn you about the consequences. Offer you a secure alternative. An app, with which you can safely share your personal data. Text, images and videos. With people, companies and organizations. And we give you an overview of it all, so you can see exactly what you have given away – and to whom. But also the opportunity to expand on that information, bring it back or delete it all together. Guard it from that one person, or that one entire organization.

You alone

We want for no-one to hijack your data again. To give away or sell your personal information to others. You - back in control of your own data. We want for you, and you alone, to deem who knows what about you.

A movement

When an increasing number of people share their personal data through Schluss, and you can log onto a growing number of websites using Schluss, all those other organizations will feel the pressure to also start doing things differently.

In that sense, Schluss can be seen as ‘a movement’, one that aims for a different kind of Internet and helps to develop initiatives for new kinds of social media and apps. With a new kind of business model. You just subscribe to Schluss, so no-one will hijack your data again.